International Deans' Course

Latin America 2015/16


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Date: 13 January 2021

External Expert: Luis Becerra

Institution: Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia

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Date: 16 December 2020

External Expert: Norberto Fernandez Lamarra

Institution: National University of Tres de Febrero, Argentina

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University of Alicante and the Saarland University hosted the first two online modules of this 9th edition of the International Deans’ Course LatinAmerica.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) and the Universities of Alicante (Spain) and Saarland (Germany) jointly organised this new edition of the DIES-International Deans’ Course for Latin America that has just been started today, Monday, 23rd November 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Module 1 and Module 2 are being taught on-line.



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